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May 14, 2023


During 10th Grade, I’ve visited several friends’ and relatives houses when they’ve had an abundance of fruit in their gardens. This event on May 14th is one of such an event. Each time I’ve picked the fruit and then donated to Nourish LA to be distributed for free to people in need. On May 14th, I also volunteered at their market all day, helping set up the market and then distribute the produce, canned good and even the flowers. I was the only high school student volunteering. There were a lot of UCLA students and it’s been great to work with them. Each time I do the fresh produce harvest, I learn something new. This spring there was an abundance of fruit because of the rains and the homeowners were grateful that their excess produce will go to people in need. As I volunteered at the Nourish LA market, I wonder about the amount of produce that gets thrown away because they don’t fit the perfect qualifications of size, color, etc. I always think of my research trip in the summer of 2022 and all the things I’ve learnt about sustainable agriculture. We need to change our mindset as consumers.



Daniel Farzinpour

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