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MARCH 20, 2021


We met at Plumcot Farm in Malibu, California to pick chard to donate to Nourish LA. The event was organized by our advisor and the founder of Plumcot Farm, Alison Hersel. This is our first project as PIE INITIATIVE and we are proud to collaborate with Plumcot Farm and Alison. We spent several hours in the morning picking chard, talking to one another, and learning the importance of mindfulness when it comes to food. We are thrilled to know that this delicious produce will be given to families and children in need via Nourish LA,

Once again, we are reminded of how so many children and teens have difficulty accessing healthy food in a wealthy city like Los Angeles. As the founder of PIE INITIATIVE, I am grateful to our advisor Alison and to all the friends who have gathered to partake in the chard picking.

Daniel Farzinpour

The video is edited and prepared by Cole Mathis

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